Base oil

Base oil

To produce oil, we need a raw material called base oil, which is either virgin or recycled from used oil.

Base oils can be divided into 3 categories: mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic.

Mineral base oil

Crude oil reaches boiling point after entering the refining stage. The result of this refinement will be three types of products:
1. Light products such as gasoline, diesel and kerosene
2. Heavy products such as heavy oil and tar
3. Lube Cut which is the material used to produce lubricants.
Once Lube cut is obtained, it is waxed and de-aromatized to make base oil. This is the most common way to produce base oil. The product of this process is called mineral base oil. Mineral base oils are divided into three categories: Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3, which are also known by the same names in the global oil market. Group 1 has the easiest, and group 3 has the most difficult production method. Therefore, the prices of each group are determined accordingly. That is, group 1 is the cheapest and group 3 is the most expensive mineral base oil. The color, viscosity index and the amount of sulfur present in the mineral base oil will determine the quality as well as the price. It is worth mentioning that less amount of sulfur is preferred.

Synthetic base oil

Another type of base oil is synthetic. The production process of this type of base oil is completely different from mineral oil, and in contrast, it is not the product of refined crude oil. Synthetic base oil is the product of a combination of chemical operations and it is produced under special conditions and with advanced technology. Synthetic base oil is produced as a result of the formation of hydrocarbons and chemical compounds.

Semi-synthetic base oil

Semi-synthetic base oil is actually a combination of mineral and synthetic oils. The quality of this type of oil is higher than the mineral but lower than the synthetic type; accordingly, the cost of production is more for synthetic and less for mineral oil.

Different types of base oil that can be ordered:
• SN 700 base oil
• SN 650 base oil
• SN 600 base oil
• SN 500 base oil
• SN 350 base oil
• SN 180 base oil
• SN 150 base oil
Engine oil with SN standard: This engine oil is suitable for all gasoline vehicles built from 2010 onwards. This oil is resistant to oxidation, has an excellent coating, is resistant to scale formation on different parts of the engine, improves engine performance on low temperature and saves fuel.